Greek And Traditional


 Greek Traditional Country Sausages "Pikantika"


Greek Traditional spicy sausages with red chili pepper..



Greek Traditional Sausages "Karamanlidika"


Greek Traditional Karamanlidika sausages with garlic and fenu-greek"tsimeni".



Greek Traditional Sausages "Prassata"


Greek Traditional sausages light in spices  with leek




Greek traditional "Syglino"


Pork meat cured in Greek red dry wine, Greek herbs,smoked with natural oak wood.

preserved only extra virgin Greek olive oil.



Greek Traditional "Kavourma"


Greek Traditional Kavourma with three kind of meat (pork, beef, lamb) with leek and select spices. 




Greek Traditional Beef Soutzouki "Petalo"


Traditional beef Soutzouki , in natural beef casing, with garlic, fenu-greek"Tsimeni" and red chili pepper.




Greek Traditional Beef Soutzouki "Baton"

 Traditional beef Soutzouki , in natural beef casing, with garlic, fenu-greek"Tsimeni" and red chili pepper. 




Greek Traditional beef "Pastourma"



Greek Pastourma cured with Greek Thick sea Salt, covered with Greek herbs and selected spices,

handmade with  secret recipe of Giagkoulas Family



Greek Traditional "Apaki" with vinegar



Delicious defated Pork meat , cured in spices of the Greek countryside and unique preservative the Greek vinegar .




Greek Traditional "Lountza"



 Pork loin cured with Greek herbs and Greek sea salt covered with natural beef intestine.



Greek Traditional "Noumpoulo Foumikado"



Excellent pork tenderloin cured with Greek herbs, covered with natural beef intestine, smoked with natural oak wood



Greek Traditional "ButcherSausages  


Excellent quality pork rich in spices with the traditional recipe of our fathers ..





Soutzouk Loukoum



Pork back fat  " cured" in Greek sea salt and covered with spices .





Beef Pastourma Soutzouk



Traditional beef soutzouki covered with spices


ΜΑΚΑL – Macedonian Industry of  Processed Meat