Tradition since 1960 

Our company Makal  is the continue of a family tradition which is related to meat and processed  meat is established back to 1960, when company “K.Giagkoulas & Sons” was made. Our Grandfather  company.

Having the experience and tradition of three generations, but also the enthusiasm young people have, we managed during short time to accomplish with a whole variety of products. We also managed to build a much synchronized factory, improving at the same time the mechanical appliances by buying new ones. Besides the investment in mechanical appliances the company also is part of the certified system ISO 22000: 2005 which certify the high quality of the products

Our company own facilities which fulfill the strictest European standards that we must have in order to preserve the hygiene and the safety of the products.




The presence of the company in Greece and Europe, covers the needs of the market in the retail and catering sector, but it also refers to the supply of other food production companies using our products as raw materials (sandwich, pizza workshops, frozen-pies workshops e.t.c.).

Providing a very complete and intact selling system, we satisfy the needs of our customers, by developing a distributing system which is covered by our own transportation means (frigo trucks – passenger vehicles).

The huge variety of products and the extended forms of packaging, we provide, covers and satisfies totally the needs of our clients.




Products - quality - clients

The philosophy of the company is the constant satisfaction of our customer’s needs and we have focused all of our efforts to succeed that.

Our goal is to produce products which are absolutely safe and cover the needs of our clients.

The pure quality of the materials we use to the products and our constant control, allow us to have a high standard result.



Relations with customers and synchronism

Our target is to build strong relations with our customers who will be based on solid grounds and common goals.

To this direction our company moves and everyday makes her presence in the market more and stronger, trying to keep up with everything new and synchronized without thinking about cost and efforts.



Quality and respect

Our company MAKAL with respect to the needs of  consumers has as basic priority the quality and safety of her products.

We check very strictly the quality in all of our main substances and packaging materials, following faithfully systems such as ISO 22000:2005 in administration of  food quality which contains HACCP in administration of  food safety, certified by the most valid operators.

All our products are smoked with natural wood of oak without using any chemical smoke substitute.Our products do not contain any soya protein and they are gluten free.